Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to control premature ejection

If you are someone who is not satisfied with premature ejaculation or in other words unable to carry on longer during sexual intercourse, then you need to read this article.

Firstly, it is important not to feel inferior or ashamed if you experience premature ejection. Do you know that about 80% of men experience premature ejection, and this is not a disease, but just a state of mind that is unable to control the release of sperm. Thus, take it easy and be calm during sex.

The following tips can help you carry on longer while having sex with your partner. By following these supportive tips, the strengthening of your character will increase your performance greatly.

Discover how to control your breathing. Try taking deep breaths with your nose, as this will help to keep you calm and slow down your passion to release sperm.

Try to stimulate your partner by using hand more often to please your partner. Remember that you can have proper ejaculation if you do not focus on ejection but rather on pleasing your partner.

How to control premature ejection can be achieved by wearing a condom. This is considered a discounted and comfortable way to reduce the sensitivity of your penis, in particular the tip portion which is ultra sensitive.

With a strong state of mind, you need to know how to slow down ejection. If you are able to release sperm, try stopping by hand. Execute this by withdrawing your turgid penis.

These are my top tips to last longer during sexual intercourse and how to stop premature ejection.

How to stop premature ejection

How to stop premature ejection is the question that is burning in guys who experience premature ejaculation during sex. This can be a stress to men as they are unable to achieve sexual pleasure as they cannot control the release of sperm.

In fact, 70% of men may suffer from premature ejection for the rest of their life. To prevent this status to affect you in the long term, you need to learn how to stop premature ejection.

You need to be able to discover the very top remedies. Although it may take a while to be educated with diverse products and solutions, you really ought to take your moment in time and look at the various options well.

Many guys do not want to discuss their problem faced due to premature ejection, as men have pride and were afraid that women will look down on them. Do not be upset through your premature expulsion. Remember that it is good to have the support of your partner, with the aim of seeking sexual doings to accomplish regular ejaculation.

1. If you feel really tense during sexual intercourse, you will create the feelings to hasten ejaculation. You need to know the way to turn into a state of feeling calm and get pleasure from the source of pleasure.

2. To be good in your sex life, you need to keep fit and work on your stamina and strength. You need to train your muscular tissues on the groin area, as this is the critical area for proper ejaculation.

3. Food plays an important part in building up your sexual skills. For instance, if you take blueberries, you can stay longer during sexual inetrcourse simply for the reason that these fresh fruits are abundant in nutrients which will definitely help to prevent you from ejaculating too early. Start taking a handful of blueberries per week, on a consistent basis.

4. Try to image the sexual intercourse in your mind. This is to change the mindset of yours. Remember that premature ejection is not a disease, but just a state of mind. How to stop premature ejection is primarily about mind control over your body. What you can do is to masturbate to the moment of ejaculation, and then stop thinking about sex for a while. Practise this a few times, and extend the masturbation timing to gain confidence.

5. Try various sexual postures during sex, as this will keep you free longer through intercourse. Your mind will be filled with changing positions, rather than on ejaculation. Maintain fun while experimenting and observe how these postures can lead to the sexual pleasure for your partner. Typically, a woman on top posture can assist you to relax and you would be able to maintain the capability to maintain charge of your intercourse.